References 2008

Erick Panelli, + 775 359 9900

To the Nel family, Thank you for everything. My mother had the best time with your family. To Harry thanks for showing me true African trophies. To his brother, thank you for making me laugh so much. The sad news is we must leave and the good news is you will see us again next year.

Larry Pulkrabek,

This is a great hunting camp. Great animals…the best hosts!I look forward to coming back and seeing my friends.

Monty Shropshire, +417 631 8444

I would like to thank you and all of your family for making this the best vacation and Hunting trip that I have ever been on.  This has exceeded my expectations.  You and your family made me feel at home.

Kenland Hoffmeyer, +970 356 4778

Hey what can I say, you made my dream come true. Don’t change a thing!

Norman Bradley, +307 631 4104

Really had a great time!  The hospitality was fabulous. Thanks!

Scott & Leslie Caldwell, + 949 547 2973,

Wow, what can we say…This has been a dream come true. You have all been so wonderful and have made us feel we are part of your family.  The animals, shopping and lunches out – so quiet.  We love you all.

Walter & Holly Voigt, +949 842 2301

We still feel like we are having a dream. We just “can’t believe it” we are in South Africa hunting and seeing the beauty Africa has to offer.  The minute we stepped foot on your farm we were embraced by your warmth and kindness.  We now have an extended family in South Africa. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you all again.

Doug Johnson, + 806 794 4080

There are not enough words to describe the people, lodge, food and animals at African Arrow Sararis.  I have found a place to come back to for each hunt I take to Africa.  The only sad part is leaving today, I feel like I am leaving a family.  Five stars plus on everything. A dream come true. See you soon.

Steve Schlink, + 775 385 1794

There are not enough words to describe the people, lodge, food and animals at African Arrow Sararis.  I have found a place to come back to for each hunt I take to Africa.  The only sad part is leaving today, I feel like I am leaving a family.  Five stars plus on everything. A dream come true. See you soon.

Mike Carter, + 816 232 2577

Thank you so much for the hunt of a lifetime. Because of the wonderful time and warmth of your family this will not be our last visit to Africa.  Until next time friend God Bless and Happy Adventures.

Steven Brown, +775 720 7660

There are no words nor enough space in this book to adequately describe this experience!  We WILL do it again!

Teddy Brown, + 775 720 7660

We had a wonderful time Thank you! This was an experience that we will never forget – Hopefully we’ll see you again in the near future!

Gregg M Davis JR, + 434 988 2947

This is truly the best of the best hunting.  Above and beyond my expectation and there will definitely be a return visit.  Harry is a phenomenal guide!  Hospitality was fabulous along with delicious meals, daily washing of clothes, clean room etc.  Most exciting is the hunting!  Spot & stalk shooting from the truck, hunting by a waterhole or just driving down the road you just don’t know what you may see.  This is the best hunting around and the experience is priceless.

Gregg M Davis SR, + 434 298 6899

This was the best vacation in a lifetime and I could move here if the snakes would move away.  A Hunters dream so much to hunt for and the best of all I have new friends. Thanks so much for everything.

Glen & Tracey Copeland, +775 358 8214

Thank you so much Nel Family and specially Harry for your Top Notch Guide service your care for the Game animals and your relentless pursuit of the Game, the spots and stalks and even crawling around all over your property. They truly trophies that when I look at them, will remind me of the wonderful Hunt I had with African Arrow Safaris.  God brings people in and out of our lives for a season, a reason, sometimes just a moment.  The very special ones we carry on with us forever.  Your family is so very special and we have been truly blessed to get to know you for this very short time.  Thank you for caring for us so kindly.  The accommodation, the food, the experience has been truly spectacular.  Thank you all for your kindness, your friendship, your joy and the laughter.  I can’t wait until next time.
God Bless You.

Harry A Sagger, +931 296 7638

Thanks so much Harry and the Nel family for such a wonderful time.  One of the best weeks of hunting I have ever had. God Bless you and many thanks.

Mitch Christiansen, + 307 635 1060

Thank you very much for a trip of a lifetime. The hunting was outstanding. 
I will never forget this. We WILL see you again.

Jackie Christiansen,  + 307 635 1060

Thank you so much for the wonderful memories. Your hospitality was wonderful, the meals were fantastic and the hunting was unreal. I’m happy to have shared my first bow hunt with you all.

Brad Johnston, + 775 233 2360

I cannot believe this trip was better than the first, but it was.  Thank you so much for the fabulous hunting, great meals and good times around the fire.  This place will always have a special place in my heart.  Thanks for the memories and we will see you again soon.

Leon Marmnka, + 775 830 3049

Words can barely describe my experience here, Thank you Harry for sharing your family with me and giving me the hunt of a lifetime. I’ll be back.

Steven Toriseva, (non-hunter) Babe Winkelman Productions + 807 482 3877
I enjoyed the chance to get to know all of you.  Its great to have such good friends so far away from home.  The Lodge and service are first rate and the quality of the animals is fantastic.

Mollie Davis, + 434 988 2947 (non-hunter)

Nel Family, we cannot express how much we love and will cherish all of you in our hearts.  You have a beautiful place here and you are beautiful people. May God richly bless you all.

Nita Davis, +434 298 6899 (non-hunter)

What a beautiful family.  God brought us across the ocean to experience His love in such heights that cannot be described.  I came as a woman seeking and I am going home with found treasures!  Never have I seen the order of family, the way God designed it as I have seen here.  Wow!!  I love you all very much.  Thank you, thank you.  May God always favor each of you.