References 2008

Corky and Carolyn Redden

How much fun!!! We love your country of many animals , they are all beautiful! And the tracking was amazing! Hated watching the waterbuck but…enjoyed watching the Super Sire of Trackers and his off springs! We will cherish your friendship forever. Our love Corky and Carolyn

Rose Pearson

Wow!! Thank you to the whole Aas family! Harry: Thank you for being so persistent and getting my husband to book with you, your good!!! Brandt: Thank you for putting up with the brown farta beast and getting him the trophy’s he came for. You have a beautiful son & wife. Henrertte: You are the back bone of the hole operation, what more is needed And thank you . p.s. We need to get together and do some serious parting. Coen: Not only are you the best tracker ever but a sharp shooter as well. Hee! hee! You’re the best, thank you! Finally: p.s. I’ll be sending you something special! To my husband Steve thank you for the best anniversary present ever. Love you

Steve Pearson

Thanks for all your time & effort in our behalf from meeting @ the show to the ride to the airport. This adventure has been a once in a life time experience for me and Rose and to put the icings on the cake we have found some new and wonderful friends in your family and staff. I am already looking forward to the next hunt.

Bill& Cindy Plate

Food was fantastic, Family atmosphere overall a great experience!

Donna Pulkrabek

This has been a great week. challenging, frustrating and in the end great. Hope you use the heads, hats and shirts. See you soon in the USA and back here in South Africa.

Dave White

Thank you for a wonderful time. This was much more than I expected! Great hunting, Great trophies, and Great friendships. I’ll see you soon.

Randy & Alice Buffington - Eureka NV - 775 237 6060

Thanks so much for the safari experience. I was so excited to hunt and had an excellent time. Be good boys and don’t grow up too much….Keep Hunting!!! Alice I can’t wait until we return. A wonderful time of year with wonderful people. A true experience of a lifetime. Randy

Steve & Betta Newman(801) 593 5997

To Harry and all the Nel family… Thank you for the best time here in South Africa. You have a great family a beautiful place and excellent hunting lodge. The hunting experience was truly great. Your knowledge of these wonderful animals is an incredible thing to see. A special thanks to Brandt… your tracking skills were amazing to see. Thanks for this first and certainly not the last African hunt.

Tyler Houston - 775 355 0420

Thank you for such a splendid trip. It was a pleasure to enjoy the exceptional hunting, food, and company. You have a great operation here at African Arrow Safaris. The Abundance of animals, Quality of trophies and great hunting guides will be tough to ever encounter anywhere again. We will bring memories back home forever. Great laughs, exceptional people. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime “kak-man” it was a great trip.

Kevan & Sherri Nilsson - 801 554 6971

We came to South Africa to hunt. We received so so much more. The beauty of the animals and landscape is only exceeded by the friendship of the Nel Family we shall always cherish.

Todd Hough 623 341 6037

Great hunt! Great time! Went too fast, looking forward to come back!

Mike Sager – Waverly TN

Harry I didn’t think you could top our 2009 May hunt but I will never forget the hunt for old LEO. Thanks to all the Nel family and God Bless. Until our next hunt, thanks!!!

Bill Hough – Kearneysville WV

What a pleasure it has been for me on my first African safari. Your family and hospitality are the best!! I knew this when I first met Harry at our home in WV. I’m so glad to know you all. These 11 days went by too fast. I look forward to seeing you again. The experiences I’ve had here are phenomenal. The animals here are fantastic, the friendship is even better. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Kristie Swenstad – 1-320-304-2436

Thank you so much for everything. It was an amazing trip with unforgettable memories. I cant wait to plan my next trip back!! This time I will teach you some cooking the way we do in America. This trip was way too short! It went way too fast! I only shot one animal but it was amazing seeing so many beautiful animals. I think I can just stay and watch them and video tape. Thank you for all the memories and laughs. You guys are so wonderful. You must call when you come to the states. So we can treat you. Thank you so much ! Cant wait to see you all again soon!

Garry M Dodds -530 272 8449

I would like to say this trip was the best hunting trip I’ve ever been on. The game was fantastic, the rooms , food was outstanding. The best part of the trip was the family, made me feel part of their family. I really don’t know what you can do better. I’ve never seen better trackers! Thank you “Donkey”!